Gluten-Free Goof Up

So, who knew there was gluten in soy sauce?! Not us. We did a big No-No and assumed Chicken Fried Rice would be okay to eat. Three hours and several trips to the bathroom later, we decided to google “is chicken fried rice gluten-free?” and lo and behold, not so. Talk about a miserable night. There was vomiting. And miserable leg pain. Even my son made ┬áseveral trips to the bathroom (though he didn’t vomit, thank goodness). Then, this morning, I was headed down to the motel breakfast and saw the waffle-maker. “I’d give anything to have a waffle,” I thought. Then I remembered last night. “Well, maybe not,” I corrected myself as I grabbed our yogurt and hardboiled eggs. Thank goodness for the doctor that suggested to my sister that she try going gluten-free, and thank goodness for my sister who has become passionate enough about it to suggest we try it. I’m sold!!

Going Gluten-Free

My sister just found out she is gluten-intolerant (she hasn’t been tested for Celiac’s disease yet). So, my mom and son and I are all going gluten-free in order to find out if it’s possibly the cause of some of our problems – fibromyalgia, depression, etc. We are two days in and finding it very challenging. Two things make it especially hard right now: we are not at home, we’re on a trip; my son is three and a very picky eater as it is. So we’re getting creative, learning as we go, and hopefully we’ll figure it out. So far I haven’t noticed any changes but I didn’t expect such drastic results as my sister had (she felt better in two days). I’m reading a book for “dummies” about gluten-free living and it’s my understanding that repairing the villi in the small intestine can take a while, and really, I can’t expect to feel better until those are working properly, right? Anyway, it’s lots of salads and bun-less burgers and chicken breasts right now. We did buy some gluten-free snacks for our hotel room, but just because they’re gluten-free doesn’t mean they’re calorie- or guilt-free. They are good alternatives for my son, however, and keep us going between salads. When we get home, we’ll be able to cook healthy gluten-free meals and feel less like we’re starving. Wish us luck, in the mean time!

Even the best laid plans…

Well, today was supposed to be a really healthy low-calorie day and I totally blew it. It seems like my compulsive eating has come back with a vengeance. I don’t know if it’s because I’m “in-between” antidepressants (I recently changed the one I was on, and they typically take 6 weeks to kick in) and so I’m struggling, or what. Last night I wrote out exactly what I was going to eat and when, and I did good until 11:30 this morning but lunch was a disaster and then I just continued to eat all day. Though I did do decently at supper – I ate more salad than chicken and rice. But it was with full-fat ranch. So I don’t know what to do. I have been exercising a little, going for walks, but they don’t last very long. About 20-30 minutes. That doesn’t add up to many calories. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I guess tomorrow’s a new day, so I’ll try and try until I get it right.

Travel = Diet Failure

So, I started the day out with a Steak, Egg, & Cheese Bagel at McDonald’s, topped off with a Starbucks frappuccino. Then it was chips, chips, and more chips. Oh, and some soda. Driving for 3 days straight (going to be 4, due to weather) is killer on the diet. I even brought a ton of trail mix in an effort to avoid junk; I think my body is just conditioned to crave junk when I travel because it’s what I’ve always eaten. Any suggestions??