Gluten-Free Goof Up

So, who knew there was gluten in soy sauce?! Not us. We did a big No-No and assumed Chicken Fried Rice would be okay to eat. Three hours and several trips to the bathroom later, we decided to google “is chicken fried rice gluten-free?” and lo and behold, not so. Talk about a miserable night. There was vomiting. And miserable leg pain. Even my son made  several trips to the bathroom (though he didn’t vomit, thank goodness). Then, this morning, I was headed down to the motel breakfast and saw the waffle-maker. “I’d give anything to have a waffle,” I thought. Then I remembered last night. “Well, maybe not,” I corrected myself as I grabbed our yogurt and hardboiled eggs. Thank goodness for the doctor that suggested to my sister that she try going gluten-free, and thank goodness for my sister who has become passionate enough about it to suggest we try it. I’m sold!!

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